Monday, May 10, 2010

Hold Down the Fort at DIK Today

Yes yes... Its true, I still live and breath. Life is still hectic and work is, well, work. Got a new kitty, but more on that later (promise)!

In the meanwhile....

I'm over at DIK blog. Come stop by and say howdy. ^_^

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thawing out... Almost

Greeting from a mostly thawed out Shaymless Aymless. Yes, it actually got to be above freezing for a WHOLE week (during the day). And there was even some sunshine. Whee! That cold, crunchy white stuff is all gone. But still nippy outside.

All those crazy people from around here, kept commenting on how "nice" it was going to be this weekend. Granted it was better than it has been for months, but still the HIGH was 50-ish (10-ish for you metric folks)!!! Which in my book is a cold winter day in good old California. *sigh* So instead of snow covered cornfields we have barren, yucky brown wanna be cornfields.

Okay enough about the weather. Got to do the whole court thing for the ticket from January. Not a bad outcome. Got a deferral (basically pay a court fee and promise to be good) and now have to be good (no moving violation) for one whole year (only have 361 days to do, not that I'm counting or anything).

Other than that, life here is fairly boring. Just hanging inside (where its warm) doing some knitting and ready and laundry.

What's up with all of you?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Eat, I Breathe and now I Blog!

Sorry about the derth of blogs. So here the Reader's Digest version of my life since Mid-Sept and my arrival in glorious Bloominton, IN.

Started work in mid-September. Met a lot of people and some I still can't remember their name even though most people are required to wear name tags. My department is quietly rebelling and only our manager is wearing the name tag.
And very week more new hirers report to work . I can tell some big growing pains are starting to show up. Lots of people who don't know what to do and how to do whatever it is that they are supposed do to. Very must the "flow them in the pool and see if they can swim" going.

Still experience lots of culture shock.
  1. No recycle bin at home! Don't these people know that resources are limited.
  2. Fresh fruit just doesn't taste the same. No real flavor.
  3. A lot of people haven't bought meat in the grocery store in year! They go out the kill it and keep it in their refrigerator. Without skinning it! *Shivers* I'm continuing with being a grocery store carnivore. Skin it and wrap it up in shrink wrap and I'll think about buying it.
  4. There's a limit on squirrels. You can only kill and keep 8 squirrels a day. I don't even want one!
  5. Ice on my car nearly every morning since mid October. *brrrrr*
  6. Took up knitting since its an indoor activity and it so dam cold around that its wearable too.
  7. Missing my book/blog friend! I keep saying I'll blog be then something else happens.
  8. The adventure with the Indiana Highway patrol was exciting but I can't remember anything about due to migraine, migraine medication and Ambien. To keep the rest of the world safe, the Shaymless Aymless will no longer be taking Ambien. I apparently fall in the small catagory of people who sleep drive when on Ambien. Now I must find a new meds for the insomnia.
  9. I've officially have gotten 3 people hooked on some of my favorites. So I'll have lots people gab about books and a support group 'gotta-have-that-book-now'.
  10. I really miss warn sunlight. I think we had some sunlight was week and it was sooooo cold. Still below freezing.
Anyway.... I'm going to try to blog at lease once a week or so.

Also planning on going to RWA and hang out with some really cool bloggers. I still need to figure out rooming optiond.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hanging Out with Anthea Lawson

I've been a bad bad blogger! Sorry I "disappeared" for a bit. The whole moving and starting work thing is taking some adjusting. *sigh*


I'm hanging out with Anthea Lawson, the fabulous new romance writing team of All He Desires over at DIK. Come by for some drinks and a lovely chat with Anthea and Lawson!

Other things...

The sweater was successfully assembled (and wow it really looks like a sweater). Worn it to work (and got lots of compliments, dunno if it was that I warned them ahead of time or not). Anyway, pictures of said sweater below. (I had to borrow a camera as I don't own one... maybe I'll get one... someday after I get that e-reader... A girl has to have her priorities in place)

Next knitting project (now nearly completed): Some cute lacy fingerless gloves! And currently reading Eye of the World by the late Robert Jordan *still upset that he died before he finished the series!* (which a challenge when one is knitting at the same time, the cookbook stand not working so well... must find a better book holding system).

Will check in again soonish...

Oops forgot all about the book club (BAD Shaymless Aymless BAD)... Anyway... how about the discussion for The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie at the end of this month (since that'll give me time to actually read it *ducks*? And we'll get LustyReader's book in December!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy... Kinda

Life continues in Indiana. It was "warm" all last week with of a high in the mid 60's (18-ish for you metric folks). That's NOT warm! *sigh* On the plus side, no ice on car ! On the down side, it rained for most of the week.

Haven't been online much or reading much (must read The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie *nervously checks calendar* *panics*). Instead I have been knitting and just completed my very first sweater, mostly - still need to assemble it. Pictures will be forthcoming once I actually assemble it. And as I have yet to figure out how to read (a bound book - e-books are easy since you can turn pages with a touch and don't have to keep them open, and now am seriously thinking about buying a e-reader since reading on the computer is a bit awkward) and knit at the same time, the reading hasn't been going well. And the TBR continues to grow!

Some review to be written... soon-ish... really...

A quick run down:
  1. Meljean Brook's Demon Forged was excellent! (Can't believe what she did to poor Michael... wondering how CJ/KB will rescue him so that he can continue to "dust" their cabanas).
  2. Nalini Singh's Blaze of Memory was fabulous. Nalini continues to please! Loved it. Of course I'll need to get an official copy when it get out on the 3rd of Nov. (still giggling over Rom and Jules's jealousy).
  3. Anthea Lawson's All He Desires was good/okay (B-/C+ still trying to grade it). I'm thinking it was a mood thing since I read it after Demon Forged (which had the reading bar set really high and had me thinking of knife wielding, heart devouring heroines *sigh*). She's a new author with promise and her book will hit the stores in November (see here for an excerpt). Come by the Island next month (11-14) to chat with Anthea!
Now, back to my knitting... must make mittens for winter (which they tell me is just around the corner... I'm still making people laugh at my indignation about the weather). On the plus side knitting has made me some new friends at work. Now I'm teaching four people how to knit!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Life in Indiana

It's been a while since I last posted. So here's an update for all of you (just in case you were wondering what in the heck's been going on in my ever so exciting (not!) life).

First there was the misery that is the flu. I think I was probably one of the first to get it in my neck of the woods. I'm so lucky!


So with the help of my good friend Cindy, I was able to get back on my feet after a week of bed rest (so not fun and I didn't even want to read any of my books!).

Now everyone at work is blaming me for the flu that is spreading like wildfire throughout the building. *sigh* Of course they cannot blame the swine flu on me as I didn't have that particular strain (at least I don't think I did but don't know of sure as I did not go to the doctors).

I discovered that there is a branch of my bank in Indiana (yay!) but it was over an hour away (boo!). I went and deposited by first paycheck and relocation money. Got home and checked the mail and wouldn't you know it there was another check (yay! Money in is always good) in it! *sigh* Now am trying to decide whether or not to open a bank account in one of the local banks so that I can cash checks and use the ATM (for free!).

Woke up early over the weekend and thought I should do the grocery shopping while I still had the energy for it (this flu really sucked). It was a nice brisk morning. I got into my car, started it and discovered that it wasn't dew on the car but ice!

ICE!!!!! In October!!!! *pout*

It so doesn't do that where I came from (at least not until December or January). This whole weather thing sucks. I am not looking forward to "real" winter. Of course everyone around has been getting a great laugh at my whole indignant attitude toward this phenomenon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September 2009 Reads

Did pretty well. Of course I bought most of this month as well. *sigh*

1. Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder
2. Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder
3. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
4. Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder
5. Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder
6. Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
7. Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs
8. Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs
9. Alpha and Omega novella by Patricia Briggs
10. Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh
11. Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs
12. Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
13. Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs
14. One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
15. Dream Warrior by Sherrily Keynon

And I'll get around reviewing these...


still have August reads to review. All this moving and unpacking and starting new job has made me choose between reading and reviewing...

one guess on which I choose ^_^

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