Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hanging Out with Anthea Lawson

I've been a bad bad blogger! Sorry I "disappeared" for a bit. The whole moving and starting work thing is taking some adjusting. *sigh*


I'm hanging out with Anthea Lawson, the fabulous new romance writing team of All He Desires over at DIK. Come by for some drinks and a lovely chat with Anthea and Lawson!

Other things...

The sweater was successfully assembled (and wow it really looks like a sweater). Worn it to work (and got lots of compliments, dunno if it was that I warned them ahead of time or not). Anyway, pictures of said sweater below. (I had to borrow a camera as I don't own one... maybe I'll get one... someday after I get that e-reader... A girl has to have her priorities in place)

Next knitting project (now nearly completed): Some cute lacy fingerless gloves! And currently reading Eye of the World by the late Robert Jordan *still upset that he died before he finished the series!* (which a challenge when one is knitting at the same time, the cookbook stand not working so well... must find a better book holding system).

Will check in again soonish...

Oops forgot all about the book club (BAD Shaymless Aymless BAD)... Anyway... how about the discussion for The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie at the end of this month (since that'll give me time to actually read it *ducks*? And we'll get LustyReader's book in December!

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