Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back into the Groove of Thing

After taking a break from my migraine induced read-a-lon, and still pondering where Wednesday when, and returned to my usual life of enlightening (aka time wasting) activities.

First was the monthly trip to the used book store (Bay Books), where I happily acquired more books to add to the tittering TBR piles and ate some yummy Mediterrean food for dinner.

Then off to do my internet surfing, still increasingly puzzled as to where Wednesday went, and have discovered that PatRack continues to be the best for squadering the hours away until the next feeding (mine or kitty's). In between playing PatRack (since all the items you are looking for are no longer anywhere to be found), its off to Bloggia. At my first stop, I see a quiz to take. Here are my results:

HA! I always said I would be back to haunt people for whatever deed or misdeed they have done, this simply proves it.

Additionally, I am happy to inform EVERYONE.... This Aymless is now once more among the employed! Whee! Now I too can complain about how I never have anytime to do anything and how the boss sucks, and why we HAVE to get up on Mondays! Best of all NO MOM, I'M NOT MOVING BACK HOME!!!!


Christine said...

Oh man... Wes Craven and a 'back from the grave' film!?!!?

Congrats on the new job! WoOt!

Aymless said...

I sounds all spooky now! Thanks to Wes, and I want thank the academy, crew and most all my mother...LOL


Katie(babs) said...

Ohh you are indeed back!! :D

little alys said...

LOL! I see visions of blood and horror, oh the horror. >_<

Congradulation on being employed!!! You're still coming to RWA, I don't care what you say, you're coming!


Tracy said...

Back from the grave - love it! :)

Katie(babs) said...

What type of job did you get?

Aymless said...

Boring engineering work for a drug manufacturer (Bayer Healthcare). And yes I sill on planning to show up for the books signing at minimum.

Katie(babs) said...

Free drugs!!

Aymless said...

yeah! but they aren't the interesting kind (unfortunately) But if you aches in your joints and need that aspirin, then I'm you drug dealin' pal.

Love to new you katie. Blossom kick ass 1st and takes names second.

Sarai said...

OMG congrats on the new job. How did the first day go?


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