Monday, September 8, 2008

Review: The Storm

Title: The Storm

Author: Jean Johnson

Published: September 2008

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Stand Alone/Series: Sons of Destiny, Book 6
Book 1: The Sword
Book 2: The Wolf
Book 3: The Master
Book 4: The Song
Book 5: The Cat

From the Author Site: First, his most heavily guarded refuge is breached. And now, the worst of all crimes against Rydan of Nightfall: Rora, a pesky, privacy-invading foreigner, likes him and won’t leave him alone! Rydan knows he’s as appealing as a rosebush stripped of its blooms, so why does she persist? Any normal maiden should be seeking less thorny company than his.

But Rora isn’t normal. She alone sees the secret of what torments Rydan. And only she can persuade him to put it right before it destroys him. But Rora has her own secret as well—one of such vast power that other mages have killed in order to possess it. It once drove Rora and her sisters into exile, and, in the wrong hands, its power could annihilate their world. In the right hands, it could change her and Rydan’s fate forever.

Review: Jean Johnson takes us back to the world of the Sons of Destiny. After the disappointment of The Song and The Cat, I was a bit weary to getting this book, but I was pleasant pleased with this book. Although it was not the complete page turner The Sword and The Master were, it was still a very pleasant read.

This is the story brooding brother #6, Rydan aka the Storm, and the twin sister, Rora, from The Cat. About 3/4 of the book was re-telling of events that occurred in The Cat, but from the view point of Rydan and Rora. Although Jean did put a preface in the book explaining that viewpoints are different, I still found it a bit annoying that some of the scenes and dialog were completely different than that found in The Cat. The detailed oriented reader may also find it a bit annoying, but the story is captivating enough and continues to hold the readers interest.

In this book we find out what keeps poor Rydan embracing the night and keeping others at bay. The brooding hero tries to keep Rora at arms length, but she persists on bothering him and keeps gets past his wards and into his protected lair. Rydan's moodiness is a good foil of Rora seemingly endless good spirits.

Rora is must less annoying that her twin Mara. But I did find her endless cheer a bit distracting, but it fit her philosophy of being calm and accepting of things that could not be changed. I did like how she used the excuse of "helping" Rydan with his problem when in reality she was chasing him and the fact she does her research on the curse and Rydan, in particular, before putting her plans into action.

The overall storyline did not seem to progress very far. We get more of the particulars of the Patron god choosing but that's about all. In addition, there is a bit foreshadowing at the end that lines up the last two books in the series. And if you haven't gotten enough of the Sons of Destiny series, head on over to Jean Johnson's homepage to read the story "extras".

Keeper?: Yes

Recommendation: Yes. I have been really enjoying the series.

Rating: 4


Lady of the Review said...

I'm thinking I'm the only person in creation who doesn't like this series. I read Book 1 after reading Kristie J's glowing review and gave it a D-. I think more than anything, it's her writing style that bugs the living daylights out of me...but that's just me. :)

Need to figure out what to buy...bored. *sigh*

Tracy said...

I've read the series up to book 4 but haven't read The Cat yet. There are so many things I like about the series but there are almost as many that I don't like. I'll keep reading though. :) Good review. :)

Aymless said...

Lady: Try the Tairen Soul series by CL Wilson. It probably one of my favorites now. I would put SoD somewhere in the middle, if that helps.

Tracy: Thanks!

Kristie (J) said...

I've got this one coming up next to read. I've had The Cat for a while but it wasn't holding my attention for the first part so I kind of laid it aside. But I started reading it again in preparation for The Storm and I must say - I'm enjoying The Cat now. But I'm rubbing my hands waiting to get into The Storm!!


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