Monday, November 17, 2008


Okay so I have been silent for about a week. Am totally depressed about the whole not working thing (especially when having to pay bills or balance check book)

The job hunting continues. Have I said how much I hate it recently? Not working totally sucks because bills add up and there is no influx of cash. Why can't I win the lottery or something so that money wasn't such a problem? Mind you I don't mind working, but not having to worry about money would be nice. Anyone want to donate to the poor Aymless fund?

On a bright note (well maybe not so bright), I cashed in my change and added it to my Amazon account so I can at least get books without added expense, but this also means that the fatcat bank is now empty *pout*

Got my BDB handbook. Haven't browsed it yet but it will at least take time away from the moping about not working.

And there is always the very large TBR pile which doesn't seem to shrink. Maybe if I actually picked things off it to read it would, but lately I've been interested in reading some old favorites. Lately been going through Marjorie M. Liu's Dirk and Steel series getting ready to read the latest (Wild Road)

And then there are the much wanted books... Nalini Singh's Branded by Fire, Anne Bishop's Shadow Queen and CL Wilson's Queen of Song and Souls (and the excerpt for this one not even available to drool over), to name a few.

Where is my time machine? I really need to get into making one, anyone want to help? I'll even let you use it *g*


Holly said...

You lost your job? I didn't know that! I'm so sorry to hear it. Not having a steady influx of cash totally bites the big one. We need to find sugar daddies. (ha!)

Hope you find something soon!

little alys said...

Yeah, things are really tough right now. I'm glad to hear from you though.

In the meantime, sorry, no time machine since I would love to use it too. Get books. Need books.

Aymless fund you say...hmmm... how about book donations instead? ;)

Tracy said...

HI there! I didn't know you were job hunting. So sorry about not finding one. :(

The BDB is great, I think you'll like it.

Aymless said...

Holly: Didn't actually lose job, contract ended early by 3 months! *pout* Hey sugar daddy would be good, but why limit. I just want someone to keep me in the lifestyle I could be come accustomed to! *g*

Alice: Books good, but they don't pay bills. *sigh* and unfortunately that's the problem.

Tray: Thanks. Jobs are thin on the ground these days. Will look forward to the BDB, but currently be side-tracked to rereading Black Jewels trilogy.

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, I hope you get a job soon! It's a hard thing to do. But who wouldn't want you? You can promise to let them read your BDB book.

Aymless said...

CJ: Thanks! ((CJ))

Sarai said...

Its rough losing your job or getting it cancelled early. I am hoping you can find something soon!!


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