Monday, December 8, 2008

Meme and Update

While I wasn't looking, that Alice-Mind tagged me with a book meme!

As I am hotel-bumming again, the nearest book is the phone book (LOL): Page 56, 5th entry is:
Executive Systems Group (address and phone number not included).
The nearest real book is the Wild Thing Anthology:
Then he held her there while the sensations went on and on, and finally began to ebb.
I think Wild Thing is way more interesting don't you? And to think the last time the dictionary was closest. Oh what excitement. Anyway... since I've done this meme before, I am not going to tag anyone.

As for the working bit, lets just say that it is a positive flow of income. Not terribly exciting or interesting, have spend the last week reviewing lots and lots of paperwork. For a place that has not yet produced any marketable product there does seem to be reams and reams of the stuff.

And as for the reading, didn't get much done as I was sidetracked by Band of Brothers thanks to Carrie Lofty and DIK and You Tube. *sigh* I heart Matthew Settle... aka Lt. Ronald Speirs.


little alys said...

LOL, phone book. Yes, Wild Thing is much more interesting. :D

We've all done this meme before, the important thing is to not let it die. BUT, I'll be sure to tag you again when you're not hotel-bumming. ;)


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