Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Excellent book day!

Today is an excellent book day and just in time for mom's birthday... I get presents on my mom's birthday... right?!

Anywhoo... Released today are three must-have for me:

The next exciting chapter in the Gabriel's Ghost universe, Hope's Folly!

This is Phillip's story. I was lucky to get an ARC copy awhile ago. See review here.

I have to say that after reading Gabriel's Ghost and Shades of Dark, Phillip wasn't exactly hero material to me, but after reading Hope's Folly I've had to change my mind. He's a totally hawtie!

Also out today is the sequel to Anton Strout's Simon Canderous debut book Dead to Me, my review of Dead to Me here.

Okay so poor Simon is in for even more trouble than before as he continues in his job at the DEA (that the Department of Extra-ordinary Affairs!). What exciting new adventure await for Simon? Here's the blurb from Amazon.com:

It’s been 737 days since the Department of Extraordinary Affairs’ last vampire incursion, but that streak appears to have ended when a boat full of dead lawyers is found in the Hudson River. Using the power of psychometry—the ability to divine the history of an object by touching it—agent Simon Canderous discovers that the booze cruise was crashed by something that sucked all the blood out of the litigators. Now, his workday may never end—until his life does.

Last, and definitely not least, is Nalini Singh's e-book Angels' Pawn, the bonus novella in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter world.

Check Nalini's blog for where to buy. A nice little appetizer to get all ready for Angel's Blood which will be out in early March (the 3rd to be exact!).

So many books... it's so hard to choose which to sink my teeth into first!


Sarai said...

I am hooked on Sinclair's world and I'm dying to see what happens to Philip although I'm hoping she will get Ren a story someday LOL

Aymless said...

Next up is Philip's brother (whom we've only seen reference to)! I want Ren's story too.

orannia said...

I haven't read either of the first two authors but have been hearing things (good things :)

Aymless said...

Orannia: Yes both are very good. And very funny. Anton Strout is a total nut, go check out his homepage.

And BTW there something wrong on your blog. It won't let me post comments!


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