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Review: Finders Keepers

Title: Finders Keepers

Author: Linnea Sinclair

Published: April 2005

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Stand Alone/Series: Stand Alone

From the Author Site: Now that they found each other, the universe won't know what hit it...

Blending hard SF with sizzling romantic suspense, Linnea Sinclair brings readers this red-hot adventure of two space outcasts on a collision course with destiny. Now that this star-crossed couple have found each other, the universe won't know what hit it...

Trilby Elliot is a barely legal independent trader. Rhis Vanur is the arrogant Zafharin military officer she rescued from a crash landing. It would have been a miracle if they survived each other's company on Trilby's slapdash starfreighter even under the best of circumstances. And these are far from the best of circumstances. For Trilby's best friend is missing and the warlike 'Sko are hunting both Trilby and Rhis. Suddenly they're in it together, for better, for worse--or until death blasts them to oblivion...

There are very minor spoilers ahead. To read with the spoilers, highlight the text.

Hero: Lieutenant Rhis Vanur aka Senior Captain Khyrhis Tivahr of the Zarfharin hunter ship Razalka aka Tivahr the Terrible. Rhis is having a really bad week. First he was captured by the 'Sko, then he escaped only to crash land on a middle of nowhere inhospitable planet. But to his luck begins to change when he is rescued by Tribly Elliot and her envoy droid Dezi. In his hurry to return to the Razalka, he gets on the bad side of Tribly by trying hijack her ship only to find the ship inoperable and in the middle of repairs. He quickly sees that the only way he can get back to Zarfharin space is to fix Tribly's outdated ship. The only things he hadn't counted on was to fall "ass over teakettle" for Tribly. He's Zarfharin military arrogance slowly melts away to show a lonely man in dire need of love and understanding.

Heroine: Tribly Elliot, Captain of the Careless Venture, and an independent Conclave trader who is down on her luck. With her only crew, and best friend, Desi - an old DZ-9 envoy droid - she is attempting to fix/upgrade her ship on the sly because she can't pay port fees. So she has set up a temporary shop on a uninhabited and mostly unwanted plant. Part way through her repairs, a 'Sko fighter crash lands practically on her door step. Unable to pass up a good salvage opportunity, Tribly and her faithful Desi head to the crash site and get more than they wanted. Tribly is a gutsy trader who just wants to make an honest and decent living, but time and money are not on her side. Tribly is attracted to Rhis but is afraid to risk her heart since it was recently dealt a harsh blow. Her character reminded me of Beka Valentine from the TV series Andromeda.

Review: Another wonderful story from Linnea Sinclair. She has managed to create a very believable world and situation. Just enough detail is given to give this universe life and delightful food for our imaginations.

In this universe, the war between the Conclave and Zarharin Empire has just ended and peace between the two is still fragile. Tribly is a citizen of the Conclave, but they are more of an annoyance to her rather than anything else. While Rhis is a member of the Zarharin Imperial Fleet and is used to rules and regulations. So difference between the two makes for delightful times as Tribly pokes fun at Rhis's imperial arrogance and Rhis being constantly caught off guard with the unexpected, such as having to hit or wack a tool to make it function or start.

Although the Zarharin Empire and Conclave are peace, there is something shady going on with the Ycsko, an aggressive non-human group that share this part of the galaxy with the Zarharin Empire and the Conclave. This increasing tension between all the factions makes a very exciting story.

Once again Linnea Sinclair has delivered an action packed story with two very delightful lead characters. Strong, independent, loyal Tribly and arrogant, lonely, sexy Rhis. As well as a slew of others.
My favorite secondary character is Desi. He just like C3PO from Star Wars. Always willing to help but overly verbose on whatever topic is being discussed. Poor guy is doing a job outside his original programming but does it without complaint. And at times very literal, I suppose that is the way of droids and in particular, envoy/protocol droids.

One two this seem bother me about this book. First is the first love scene. It just seemed to jump out of no where. Sure they liked and were attracted to each other, Rhis had already tried kissed Tribly, but Tribly had rebuffed him. Then out of the blue she jumps him and they go on to have steamy sex. Sure she found him attractive and quite yummy to look at, but there didn't seem to be any build up to that scene. The second is that the book ended without answering some questions that were presented in the book. Although the book was written as a stand alone, I felt like it was set up for a sequel. One that would explain or wrap up all those annoying little sub-plot lines that were still hanging around as loose threads.

Keeper?: Yes

Recommendation: An excellent read. This a stand alone novel that is screaming for a sequel!

Rating: B+


Kristie (J) said...

Wasn't this one great!?!?!?!? I just read it myself recently and adored it. I just love, love, love her books and one of the greatest thrills was being able to meet her in person last year in SF!!

orannia said...

*must read Linnea Sinclair*

Which book is first please Amyless and I'll add it to my BTR list :)

Aymless said...

Finders keepers is a alone which I think needs a sequel. But of the one linnea boook you have is read Games of Command.
My review for it should be up tomorroe\w


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