Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where Was I????

I've been a very bad blogger. *sigh*

Been spending my time looking for work and trying to keep calm about the finances so I've been doing a lot of reading (the best escape there is!) and trying very hard not to be depressed about the whole jobless and no money thing. I figure it can only go up from here.

Anyone have any great ideas about finding work? At this point I need to get some influx of cash so am pretty much willing to do anything (well... probably not asking "doing you want fries with that?")

Still on non-voluntary vacation and now going on to month number 6! Ugh! But on the bright side, I have two phone interviews tomorrow. So let's keep those fingers crossed (and eyes and toes and whatevers). I'm hoping to then be able to move on to the next step... the face-to-face interview and have employment by the end of July! Wish me tons of luck.

Anyone have any ideas on how to increase luck? I've fung shei'ed my home, and my friend gave me a good luck candle to burn and some lucky money to place in my wealth corner. I think the more the merrier (and likely to work better)!


Mandi said...

*throwing luck your way*

Sorry you have been having a rough time. I hope things turn around!

orannia said...

*crossing fingers* I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping things go well!


Tracy said...

Good luck tomorrow...hopefully one if not both companies will want you! Hang in there sweetie. {{big hug}}

Aymless said...

Thanks everyone. I feel like that phone interviews went well and that they'll be asking me to come meet them. Of course they would, why wouldn't they, because I totally rock!! (that's the positive thinking part, the making it a reality! *g*)

orannia said...

Aymless - am SO glad to hear that the phone interviews went well!

*keeping fingers crossed*


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