Thursday, July 10, 2008

Algebra Required?

As I was driving to work, I was listening to NPR, as usual, I discovered that our 'beloved' govenator (CA Gov. Arnold) has decided that all eighth graders should be require start taking algebra.

Now being a part of the whole 'nerd squad' and all, math was easy for me, but I remember my sister literally crying through algebra. I'm not sure that it would make students more prepared for life. Who's used algebra in everyday life? I think we'd be better off bring arts back to schools.

Your thoughts?


little alys said...

The method in which classes are being systematically taught does not help anyone. Kids are doing hours of homework, tons of tutoring and supplimentary classes, while trying to get ahead as well as keeping up with evolving and increasing discoveries.

I think teaching common sense would be a better investment. Art would be awesome too.

Tracy said...

Bringing the Arts back would definitely be my choice!

Sarai said...

So true story. I was applying for a job the other day and I realized in order to get it I would have to do algebra on a regular basis... I walked out.
It was an insurance job. And if you write your royalty (if you are lucky enough to get it) are based on algebraic equations WTF? Really?

Holly said...

I loathe Algebra, and so does my daughter. My son will have no problem with it, but my daughter? OMG! I'm already imagining the arguments and fights and my head hurts...

I'm with Little Alys. The Girl spends at least 2 hours a night doing homework. AT LEAST.

I'd rather sign her up for art, too.

Katie(babs) said...

I loved algerbra when I was in school! I actually liked to do my math homework.
As for geometry, that is another story.

Holly said...

That's funny, I was exactly the opposite. I loved geometry. Still do, actually. But Algebra?


Katie(babs) said...

Holly: Well, it has been awhile since I have taken up the pencil.
I can hardly balance my checkbook now!

Aymless said...

Okay... I was a total nerd. Loved math all the way through Calculus. Didn't do so well at linear algebra.

But still think art was more stimulating than math. Was going to be a commercial artist, even has college application finished, but decided there was more stability as an engineer. How nerdy is that!

Been thinking about picking up the old paintbrush again. But need to buy all new paints! Hello 'economic stimulus package'! Though I think it's probably better to used for gas and insurance.

Carolyn Jean said...

I think algebra is important, but what I think is always a mistake is a one-size-fits all method of education like they are proposing here.


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