Friday, July 25, 2008


Title: Hidden

Author: Eve Kenin

Published: July 2008

Genre: Futuristic Romance

Stand Alone/Series: Series, Book 2: Could be read out of order. This book is very loosely tied into Book 1, through references to characters/events.

From the Author Site: Tatiana has honed her genetic gifts to perfection. She can withstand the subzero temperatures of the Northern Waste, read somebody's mind with the briefest touch, and slice through bone with her bare hands. Which makes her one badass chick, all right. Nothing gets to her. Until she meets Tristan. Villain or ally, she can't be sure. But one thing she does know: he has gifts too-including the ability to ramp up her heart rate to dangerous levels. But before they can start some chemistry of their own, they have to survive being trapped in an underground lab, hunted by a madman, and exposed to a plague that could destroy mankind.

Review: Hidden was definitely better than Driven! Loved the heroine and hero (T & T). Their attraction was explosive (pun intended). The book takes you back to the post-nuclear holocaust world and the Northern Waste. This time we follow Tatiana (Wizard and Yuriko's lost sister) through her three-step plan to save the world from Gavin Ward and his genetically created plague. The first step of her plan to save the world has her searching for Tolliver. As she searches the Northern Waste, she runs into an unsettlingly attractive man called Tristan and his strange band of followers. And it's lust at first site for both of them.

LOVE Tatiana! A girl after my own heart. I found her three step plans, because more that three steps was too complicated, to be very amusing. In each situation she seemed to make a three step plan of attack/investigation. Her continuing comments of being a late bloomer (due to her late development of powers that both her siblings had and her increasing lust for Tristan) kept me chuckling throughout the book. And she can kick ass! She is definitely not the poor, weak sister/friend as she was described in Driven.

I enjoyed trying to figure out the enigma that is Tristan. He was very much the mysterious stranger. A scientist that is trying to find a cure for a plague as well as a warrior. We know that he is more that he seems through the hints that he drops throughout the story. This keeps both the reader and Tatiana intrigued. His attempts to keep himself sane with the whole we-are-one philosophy was kinda funny. Especially since it kept Tatiana on her toes and as a very literal person myself, I could relate to her confusion.

This was a definitely a page turner. I didn't like having to keep putting it down for mundane things like sleep and work. The story is fast paced and more seamlessly delivered than Driven. I am certainly looking forward to Yuriko's story (I hope its next!).

Keeper?: Definitely

Recommendation: I would recommend it to any who read romance and also to those who enjoy a good action/adventure novel.

Rating: 4.5 of 5


Sarai said...

See I'm one of those people who hate to say I TOLD YA SO. But then again I have a I told ya so dance. Which rocks and I totally yanked from Grace (will and grace) anywho I'm glad you liked it.

In Drivien Ana (which is what I refer to her as I can't stand H/H to have names that start with the same letters) anywho she was this week child and I see as an empath who couldn't control the flood of emotion would make you weak.

So I was extremely thrilled to see her strong in this one. Also I didn't care for the rush ending of gettind SPOLIER**********************************************************************************************************the bad guy I thought it could have been a little more complexed right? or am I over thinking it. It just felt rushed.**************************************************************************************************

Wow do you like how I decorate your comment section?

Aymless said...

Ana was totally cool and kick ass. I just loved all her internal monologues, it kept me giggling.

I agree about the whole bad guy statement. He was delightfully evil but there was only that one scene, wish there had been more to him.

I also wish that there had been more Wizard/Raina in the story.

Sarai - LOVE the decore! ^_^

Christine said...

So glad you're enjoying this series. I happened to like Driven a wee bit more than Hidden, but still thought both were fantastic reads.

And just because I wan't to decorate, too:

Sarai said...

I'm great with the decorations do them all the freakin time ************************
I think I just like how it makes people pause.
I'm with you Christine I enjoyed Driven a little more then this but still like them both


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