Sunday, August 3, 2008

RWA Literacy Signing

Whee! Went to the RWA "Readers for Life" book signing on Wednesday! What a blast!! I am so glad that it was in town and I was able to go. (Kinda wished that I signed up for the conference and all, but maybe next year!).

Everyone was so nice and it was GREAT to put names to faces of fellow bloggers. Ciara got into the Sherrilyn Kenyon Acheron party (lucky girl) and it sounded like it was a lot of fun (she got to meet the amazing Sherrilyn and had her picture taken with Acheron!). Jane did a wonderful job announcing the raffle (though I didn't win anything! *pout*). Katie was running around with raffle tickets and looked really tired (hope all rested). Alice had sore feet from running around all over SF with the bloggers. Lisa was so funny (she and sula went out to the Castro and bought "toys" *g*). Sarah had me in stitches with all her witty little stories. Wendy got so much swag I wish I was a librarian!

Oh the authors I got to meet! Oh the joy and the pain (in the pocket book)! Even though RWA said NO bringing in books, they allowed it! I wished I had known so I could have brought my books from home but now I have autographed copies that need to be kept out of the bathroom and bath-time (can't just go out and buy replacements). Kresley Cole is really funny (uh sorry about the misquote to Gena!) and so is Gena Showalter. Was so thrilled to meet Nalini Singh and CL Wilson. Beverly Jenkins (a new author for me) did a reading at a local Borders and it was so funny I had to get the book, of course Beverly signed it for me. It was so hard to keep to some sort of budget (not that I did, being newly employed and all)... all those books just begging to go home with me! It was probably a good thing that there weren't any advance copies otherwise I would have again had to decide between food and books. The authors I missed seeing could make a separate page but the one that stands out was Meljean Brook (since she didn't make it until after the book signing), so wanted to meet her!

So I'll wrap it up and bit. The book signing was fun. The authors were really great. The bloggers a ton of fun. Spent a ton of money and for a great cause. Now must start saving money for next year!


Christine said...

Sounds like you had a really awesome day! I hope to meet you in DC next summer! :)

Sarai said...

Awesome!!! Always fun to get books signed. I am planning on this next year!

little alys said...

Hope you're feeling better. :) It was incredibly fun with you there and you gotta figure out how to go to the DC one too. :D I must insist. Hehe.

Tracy said...

So glad you had a good time! All those authors...I probably would have swooned! lol

Aymless said...

I wanna to go DC next year. It just seems too far to plan yet.

All the authors where super cool... uber cool even.

Marcella said...

Reading your post reminded me of all the things I forgot to post about! Thanks for serving as my tour guide to the magical world of the RWA booksigning. I think if you hadn't taken me under your wing I would have just lain on my side in the fetal position. And yes, Beverly Jenkins was so so nice.

Katiebabs said...

Thanks for handing me a beer at the party :D
It was great to see you. Can't wait for the fun next year!


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