Monday, August 25, 2008

Hostage to Pleasure Contest!

Nalini Singh is holding a contest to celebrate the upcoming (September 2nd!) release of Hostage to Pleasure the 5th full-length entry in the Psy/Changeling world.

What's up for grabs? US$75 gift certificate to the winner, chosen at random.

Nalini Singh for the details.
Which fictional hero (from books, TV, movie...) would you most like to hold hostage?H,,,, Hari (Marjoire M. Liu) Rand R'Ash from (Celta series by Bobin Owens,

Which fictional hero would you most like to be held hostage by? So many choices... Rainier Vel'En Daris aka Rain Tairen Soul (CL Wilson Tairen Souls book) or Deamon Sadi (Anne Bishop's Black Jewels books) or Colin Ames-Beaumont (Demon Moon by Meljean Brook)

Which fictional world would you most like to be held hostage in? The Pys-Changling world. Because is a cleaner, greener version were where I already live. (Nalini Singh's world)


Mariana said...

Hey saw your answers from Nalini's blog. Damn! I forgot the Tairen Soul....must not forget!!

VampFanGirl said...

Hi I saw your post on Nalini's site.

Oh gosh isn't Rain so romantic. And Deamon Sadi, has there ever been a hero more tortured? He gave his mind over to the Twisted Kingdom for his soulmate. Love him!

You know what, I almost chose Colin for my answer. 'Demon Moon' is in my top five romances. I think I just might die in wait for 'Demon Bound', aren't you?

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, totally! Colin!


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