Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay this week totally sucks and I can't wait for it to be over. So the week (so far anyway) from hell in review:

Sunday: Migraine!

Monday: Flat tire, and didn't get into work and had to spend the day at COSTCO! No internet access to be found in the the total of six life sucking hours.

Tuesday: Flat tire! Again! Same tire! And yet again didn't make it to work, and now have intimate knowledge of COSTCO (more than any sane non-employee should have). And again another wasted day with no internet in sight.

Wednesday: Completely forgettable.

Thursday: Yelled at by employer for not making it into work Monday and Tuesday. Why did they tell me they were "OK" with me not coming in on Monday and Tuesday if they were just going to yell at me for not coming in? And didn't get to the Farmer's market so now have to eat icky store bought fruit for the next week.

Friday: It can only go up.

Saturday: The impeding doom of the parental visit. My mother can spot dust at 500 yards! Have no idea how she does it but then she can also spot the nearest mall and bathroom (two very important skills) so I guess the dust thing had to be balanced out somehow.

Okay... happy thoughts...
1.) Got books in the mail! (thanks sarai)
2.) Only one more morning before the weekend!
3.) Got paid!
4.) Home has been de-furred and cleaned due to the impeding parental visit.


Tracy said...

Oh I hate bosses who say that it's OK and then yell at you. I had a couple like that and swore never again. I'm so sorry. Hopefully you got your tire fixed so that you won't have that problem again.

Good luck with your parental visit. Hopefully she won't get the white gloves out just to double check! :)

Aymless said...

Thanks Tracy!

Got the tire fixed! Hopefully I won't have to see COSTCO again unless its for gas anytime soon.

Carolyn Jean said...

Oooh! I hope the parental visit is going okay. Yay for the weekend, and I'm glad to see that tire is fixed.

little alys said...

WTF?!?!! Are the tires okay now? Bosses need to learn that yelling is not okay. It only makes things worse.
Good luck with the parental visit. I'm still living with mine. Ugh.

Another happy thought, it's soon to be September and October = HUGE book release months!!! :D


JenB said...

Oh man, your week sounds like mine. Believe me, I feel for you. I'm so sorry this week was such a stinker!

But new books definitely make things better. :)

The parental luck with that. I hope yours are less nosy and passive aggressive than mine. LOL

Christine said...

Oh my goodness. That is a week that you should soon forget. I hope your weekend is more than awesome. You deserve it.

Aymless said...

Thanks all! The parental visit was mostly harmless (had to spend a day avoiding all those awkward leading question). And as an added bonus, it happens that one of their friends moved into the area recently so they stayed with her!


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