Friday, May 30, 2008


I hate interviewing. Having the dress-up, smiling nicely and being so PC. Yuck! But the sad thing is that without interviewing there is no jobbing acquiring. And with no job acquiring there is no book/food money. It's really too bad they are all related! At least there is no interviewing on the weekends. And thanks to a turn of luck I have gotten my greedy little hands on Lover Enshrined by J. R. Ward, so things look good for the weekend.

Having finally crawled out of the migraine medication haze, which is almost as fun as migraines, and into the living nearly sane world only to discover that food and medication are running low. So a trip to the grocery store and pharmacy (where they sadly know my name and face and have my medication waiting for me) is due. In addition, my friends now have me on a nearly permanent "maybe" list for outings and the TBR pile is four books shorter (thank goodness I can still read while in migraine mood, not that I can retain much but without which I would be truly insane, not that I had any sanity to loose in the first place). Having replenished my non-perishable food stores and have finally figured out what sunlight is, I cleaned house, reacquainted myself with my cat and let my friends know that I am still among the living.

On the bright side, I had an interview today and it sounds like I have managed to jump this hurdle and am now in position to take the next in the odious process of job hunting. Where is my millionaire hero now? Well life goes on and real heroes are running scares. A trip to the HLO island is definitely a must! Hello weekend and Phury.

Have a nice weekend all. Cheers and alcoholic drinks of your choice all around.


little alys said...

Horray on finishing an interview! I usually despise them like no tomorrow, because it's all a front. There are people great at interviews that turn out to be real pieces of crap. Some are great, but a lot are real crap. Then, I feel like I'm selling myself the entire time. Oh, I can do this, oh I look like this, blah blah blah. Except, you're right, food and books. Darn the need for food. Why can't I be like a plant? Woo, Darkwing Duck moment. ^_~
I'm glad you're feeling better though. Darn migranes. Be waiting for another book review. ^_~ I'm sure the HLO island is a perfect place to relax. Come have some juice. :)

Aymless said...

Thanks Alice. See you at the HLO!

Sarai said...

And I see that your migrain has improved Always a bonus!!!!
Good job on finishing the interview always hard. I have to start doing those myself soon. Just took off on my own this weekend so BLAH it sucks. Anywho best of luck to ya!

Tracy said...

Glad you're feeling better and back in the land of almost sane.

I can't think of anyone who truly enjoys interviewing! Unfortunately it needs to be done to keep our book habit going. Good luck to you!


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