Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lost Days

The evil of migraines have struck again. I have been the victim of debilitating migraines, since I was 17. Currently there is no cure for them, just preventative medications. The mediation gives you some relief. Life goes on while you curl and deny you existence. On the plus side, I managed to read some of the Lora Leigh's Breed series (in low light).

I found them to be enjoyable but not riveting. It starts with a short story in Hot Spell (The Breed Next Door), then Megan's Mark, Harmony's Way, Tanner's Scheme, and Dawn's Awakening. Overall I found them to be enjoyable but not something I would highly recommend to friends. they were fluff reading, something to kill time.

The Breed Next Door was delightful. Full of romance and a great storyline. It tells the tale of unlikely neighbor getting together. For a short story it was stellar.

Megan's Mark was a wonder story that managed to incorporate story line along with the heated romance. It was also believable. No hello I'm so-so let's hope into bed. Lots of tension and fun though out the story. I would recommend this to others.

Harmony's Way was a typical story of man meets woman and they get together. A one night stand that turns into something else. The story line was a bit week. but the love scenes were hot.

Tanner's Scheme again the story was trite. The heroine was kidnapped and taken to a secret location, where she and the hero go it on with very little build up. It happed quite quickly and was a bit unbelievable .

Dawn's Awakening tells of a chance missed. If the "mating hormone" is so powerful, why didn't the hero spend time with the heroine at the beginning. Instead they wait 10 years! He is in the process of attempting to propose to another woman when the heroine shows up to throw a wrench into the mix. Again quite unbelievable.

Overall the stories were enjoyable but I was left with wanting more. Overall rating 3.5 out of 5.


little alys said...

Poor aymless with those darn migranes! Hope it'll slowly go away. >_< Rest, no stress and chocolate! ^_^

I'd have to agree on your ratings. The newer mainstream breed series are good, but not something I'd rush out for. The Breed Next Door is probably my favorite out of all of them. ^_^

Get better soon! I command it! ;p

Aymless said...

Thanks. Glad to know I am still semi-coherent. Never know with the medications I have to take. ttfn.

Tracy said...

Sorry to hear about your migraines. They really suck.

Now did you read all of the Breed series? The ebook ones are better IMHO than the print ones - although Dawn's Awakening was pretty good.

Aymless said...

Thanks tracym U;kk add the rest of them on my listed.... as soon as find .

Katie(babs) said...

Awww! I use to get migranes also, so I do feel your pain :(

Sarai said...

Yes but you have to admit Jonas totally kicked ass.
Did you know that those books you read are like book 14 and on... There is a whole lot more to the series that she started under Ellora Cave which is why there is A LOT OF SEX.
I hope the migrains get better suffer from them myself. Sending you good vibes


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