Monday, August 10, 2009

New URL Address and an Update

Shaymless Aymless now coming to you from:

It was an excellent book week. Scored three books.

Thanks to Joss Ware

Thanks to Julie James

Thanks to the folks over at My Favourite Books

Read three books. But also discovered a free e-book download site (thanks to Karen Marie Moning's author site here). See Suvudu here. Not that I have an e-book reader (yet). So books IN once again greater than books OUT. No wonder I keep adding bookcases.

Now that phone call about getting the job would be great... any minute now... REALLY... any minute now...


Kati said...

Amy - I can't seem to get Google Reader to take this URL. Weird. Are you not doing a feed for it??

Aymless said...

Hmm... apparently google reader doesn't like hyphens.

orannia said...

Ohhhh, pretty :) Good luck with regard to the job!
*fingers crossed*

~ames~ said...

Hey Amy - love that header!

I hope you enjoy the Rest Falls Away. That's a good series and each book gets better and better. :P

Cecile said...

Took me a minute to adjust my stuff... but I am here!!! Oh, I love the tiger of the house!!! Very Hear Me Roar!!!!

Aymless said...

Grr! *G*

Anonymous said...

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