Saturday, August 1, 2009

While I was gone...

I've survived my week of airports, airplanes and hotels mostly sane but very tired. After having slept most of the last day and half, I started to catch-up on the whole blog reading thing (had about 150 to catch up on!!! O_o).

Anyway... the update:
1. The interviews went well (I think) but now it's wait and wait and keeping those fingers crossed.

2. I hate airport and flying! Looking back at the last month, I realized I'd made SIX cross country flights. I have to JetBlue was the best out of the three carriers I flew on (Southwest and US Airways being the other two). And the stewardesses on US Airways are baggage nazis! Never seen so many airline representatives so concerned about carry-ons. Really my little 6-inch x 12-inch x 2-inch purse (which I use as a lumbar support) shouldn't count as an "extra carry-on"!

3. Dress up shoes suck! Now that my heels (the ones on my feet) are rubbed raw, I think I'll toss the shoes into the goodwill so that they can eat up someone else's feet.

4. Got 4 and 1/2 books read! Yeah!

5. LeeAnn gave me an award. See further down.

6. CL Wilson finally put up an excerpt for Queen of Song and Souls! Whee. Read excerpt here.


LeeAnn gave me an award! As usually I'm speechless. I'm not so good at getting compliments since I usually don't think I'm all that good at the blogging-thing (or whatever it is I'm getting complimented on). So... THANKS LeeAnn

The Kreativ rules state that:
Once you receive this award you are to list seven of your favorite things and then nominate seven other blogs.

Some of my favorite things:

1. Burt's Bees lip balm. The original minty flavored one. I can 't get enough of it. I think I have 5 or 6 sticks of the stuff floating around my house and various purses.

2. Books. I don't think you can have enough. Though at this point I think my house is a fire hazard with all its various piles of books everywhere. I think it's time to get yet another book case. Just have to figure out which wall to cover up.

3. My Mac. The security blanket of all security blankets. Thank goodness its a laptop so that I can lug it everywhere I go!

4. Handmade soap. I've got to one of the world biggest sucker for handmade soap! Thank goodness for being short on money since it has made me have to choose between getting more soap or books. I think the soap drawer is now down to just one drawer and not the two or three it was before.

5. Teas. Can't get enough of them. I have at least 20 different blends currently hiding in my cupboard. Mostly herbal since I'm already high-strung I don't need anything else to make me hyper.

6. Fresh fruit especially berries. I love summer since that's when most of the fresh fruits and berries are the cheapest and I don't have scrape the bottom of the purse to feed this habit.

7. Pajamas. I think you should be allowed to wear them everywhere. They are soooo comfy and go so well with bedhead! *g*

And the nominees are...

Orannia of Walkabout
Mho Fho of Babbling About Books
Mandi of Smexy Books
Carolyn Crane of The Thrillionth Page
Nalini Singh
Ana and Thea, The Book Smugglers
Judge a Book by the Cover


Rosie said...

Keep us posted on the interview thing. I hate flying now days, not because it's scary but we are more and more like cattle and it's more and more uncomfortable.

Mandi said...


I love berries too!

Aymless said...

Rosie: LOL cattle! That's one way to put it. I have to say that SW treatment is most herding-like but they are very efficient at getting everyone on the plane!

Mandi: Your welcome. And berries are soooo good. And least messy to eat.

orannia said...

Fingers crossed WRT the interviews! And thank you so much for the award! I'm very honoured!

Oh, adn the secret surprise arrived! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the other customers in the post office thought I was insane! Thank you SO much!

Aymless said...

O: LOL! Your welcome. Guess you liked it!? *g*

Christine said...

Wishing you the best results from those interviews!

I love the original Burt's Bees lip balm and I, too, have at least three sticks in various places. One is always in my nightstand drawer and one is always in the little handle cup thing on the driver's side door. You know... where you stick your fingers in to open and close the door? It's the perfect spot! The third one is the floater and gets moved around as needed. LOL

I'm a Mac girl, too. I can't imagine life without apple products. Seriously. I'm so spoiled.

Christine said...

Oh yeah... congrats on your award! ^_^

Aymless said...

Thanks Christine!

Glad to here I'm not the only BB addict. My mom thinks I'm being 'picky'! I can't help if its the best stuff out there. (I too have one on my night stand. ^_^)

MACs rule!

LeeAnn said...

I love your seven things! Good Luck with all the job interviews!

Jennifer B. said...

Fingers crossed for a perfect-for-you outcome on the interviews!


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