Friday, August 14, 2009

Work Update

One rejection (the although you are impressive we have gone with another candidate who better fits our needs). Oh well.

One... dunno what to call it. I'm off to do the drug screen portion so it must be going well. Please keep you fingers cross because the alternative, frankly, sucks . I love my parents but have no desire to live with them again!!!!


orannia said...

Sorry to hear about the former but fingers crossed for the latter!

Oh, and I've just started reading Practice Makes Perfect. I always stopped right at the beginning, because both the hero and heroine came across as arrogant, which completely put me off, but I persevered and am glad I did so as both seem more human (vulnerable) now :)

Aymless said...

Thanks Orannia.

Glad you stuck with it. It was enjoyable but I liked Just the Sexiest Man Alive better.

orannia said...

Ahhhh...I have a confession...I haven't stuck with it :( Last night I offically gave up when I realised I was skipping through the pages to the end :(

Have been trying to work out why. I think it's more a 'me' thing than a 'book' thing, so I might try it again when I am feeling more...perky. Payton is just the complete opposite to me and I think I'm seriously feeling the differences.

Aymless said...

Oh well. But at least you gave it a try. Sorry it didn't work for you. Next month's book is a oldie so maybe it will work better for you.

Hopefully you will still come to the discussion.

orannia said...

I'm definitely still planning to come to the discussion :) *crosses fingers that home computer will be working then*

Still trying to put my finger on why it didn't take...very frustrating!

Oh, and I just realised exactly what you meant by drug testing! They drug test you before offering you a job in the US? Is that standard practice?

Aymless said...

Drug screen prior to employment depends on the job. For my industry its pretty standard since I work for drug manufacturer.

orannia said...

Thank you :) Makes sense!

Christine said...

*crossing fingers* =)


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