Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Everyone in the US was so happy to have me come to the country they celebrate it every year with fireworks, parades and special picnics (never mind that whole independence day thing). Golly! *blush*

You know as a thank you I think everyone should take a day off work with pay (thankfully I have a lot of support from businesses)!!! *g*

Happy Fourth everyone! Go forth and gorge on all that lovely barbeque, watermelon and ice cream! Then sit back and watch those lovely fireworks.

Eeerrrr.... Note to self. Really must start Broken Wing *looks around nervously* Have less than 26 days to finish.


orannia said...

Happy 4th of July!

Yes, get reading :) I've read it, now I just have to write a review! *panic*

orannia said...

I accepted your Magic Bites challenge and am currently reading the book now :) Question if I may please? Is Kate always this....confident and sassy? (Because cocky and smart mouthed sound too harsh!) It's just that I'm currently reading Kate's first meeting with the Lord of the Beasts and there's no holding back on her part :)


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