Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joss Ware ARC giveaway

A new author hit my radar just now and luck would have it she is giving away ARCs for her new book!

Josh Ware has a new series coming out in January 2010 as a part of the 3 book deal with AVON.

Here's the blurb:

A man with no future...
When Dr. Elliott Drake wakes from a mysterious fifty-year sleep, the world as he knew it is gone. Cities are now desolate, and civilization is controlled by deadly immortals. Stranger still is Elliott's extraordinary new "gift" – he has the power to heal, but it comes with fatal consequences.

A woman with a past
Jade barely escaped the immortals and is now hell-bent on revenge. She trusts no one... until Elliott. His piercing gaze and tempting touch shatter her defenses, but the handsome doctor seems to have dangerous secrets of his own. Is it safe to trust him with her heart?

If they are to survive in this dark new world, Jade and Elliott must work together to fight the forces that takes them beyond danger.
Beyond desire.
Beyond the night.
Doesn't it sound fantastic. Drop by her blog to enter! Good Luck!


orannia said...

Hmmmm. It does sound interesting! Thank you for the heads up Aymless :)

Cecile said...

Oh wow, nice series. I will have to write this one down! Thanks for the heads up!
I hope you had a great weekend!


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