Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's off to the RWA Conference!!!

Yay! I decided I needed a break from my "real" world and go off and play. Perhaps look at a career change. Who knows maybe there's writer in me waiting to be set free. Or maybe there's story floating around in my head wanting to take form. Who knows.

Anyway... thanks to those lovely folks with JetBlue and SuperShuttle, I will arrive at the Marriott very very very early Wednesday morning. Will have to find folks to hang out with while I wait for check in time and for my RWA roomie (Mho Fho) to magically appear (KB says that she'll bring him IF he behaves). Then its fun fun fun and learning learning learning and books books books until I drop from exhaustion.


Mandi said...

Have fun! I will be at the book signing Wed night :)

Christine said...

Have fun! Travel safely! =)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Mho can barely sit still, he is so excited! I am also :D

Aymless said...

Mandi: Cool. Hope to see you there. Maybe we can meet for drinks or something afterward.

Christine: Thanks!

KB: I'm a bit bouncy too.

Tracy said...

Oh good for you. I'm glad you get to go. Have a great time!

orannia said...

Aymless - have a fantastic time!


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