Thursday, July 16, 2009

RWA Day 1+

Left late night Tuesday and plane was 1 hour late but somehow we still arrived on-time (6:15 am)! Caught SuperShuttle to the Marriott with another conference attendee only to find out we were also on the same plane (Cyndy) and made a new friend!

After arriving and attempting to check in and failing because the hotel was overbooked and another conference was wrapping up (American Federation of Teachers), but managed to get the luggage checked. With lots of time on my hands, I decided to volunteer and worked registration for R-Z. Met loads and loads of people. Biggest highlite was that I got to check Nora Roberts and CL Wilson into the conference! And met SJ Day!!!

Once KatieBabs and Mho Fho, my RWA roomies, arrived we went and met Jill Myles and friends at the pub in the hotel and later Kati of Katidom joined us.

At 4:00pm we were finally able to check into our room and I was finally able to shower!!! Then met up with Rosie, Lisabea and Wendy the Super Librarian. Then it was off to the Literacy Signing! Chatted with many many many authors (Ann Aguirre, Kresley Cole, SJ Day and CL Wilson to name a few). As I hate having my picture taken I do not own a camera so for pictures fo the signing see KB, Kati, Lusty Reader, Mandi, KristieJ, Wendy , Rosie and Lisabea for pictures and more about Day 1.

Day 2: Opening speech given by Janet Evanovich was great. Keynote speaker, Linda Howard, was hilarious. And I'm off to get some more BOOKS! More later.


Cecile said...

A little green with evny!!! I so can not wait for my day to come so I can go!!! **feel like child pouting**

I am glad that everything went ""smooth"" for you as they could. Things could have gone better, but they would not have gotten to check in those wonderful people!!!

I hope you are enjoying yourself!!!

orannia said...

Biggest highlite was that I got to check Nora Roberts and CL Wilson into the conference! And met SJ Day!!!

OMG! That's fantastic! How did the non-stalking of SJ Day go BTW?

Have a fantastic Day 2 :)

Aymless said...

Cecile Yes, you should make it here soon! It's just worth it for all the FREE books and meeting all the authors and other bloggers!

Orannia: It was soooooo cool! The non-stalking SJ Day not going so well. *smiles sheepishly* I got a really cool tote bag from her and she signed my books and has hinted that the 4th book is in the works!

orannia said...

A fourth book! I bet that made your day :) And you got your books signed :) *happy dance for Aymless*

Wendy said...

OMG - You've been holding out on me! I can't believe you got to check-in Nora Roberts! LOL

Lusty Reader said...

it was so fantastic to meet you, and thank you again times a million for sharing your swag with me! i hope you had a good trip back out West!

Anthea Lawson said...

It was great to meet you - I'll always think of you as Miss BarNEZ now, lol.
Hope you're recovering well from conference! Me, I could use about 10 more hours of sleep...

Jim said...

Hi! Great to meet you at RWA. What a fantastic conference. Thanks for your help and encouragement. Great blog, btw!

Aymless said...

The conference was so fun! Now it's back to the boring real world.

Charlotte: It was lovely meeting you as well and hope to see you at RWA next year.

Anthea: I'm still in recovery mode. Had to catch up on my sleep!

Jim: Thanks! Keep writing!


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